Regeneration Celebration: Cedella Marley Interview

Published On 26 August, 2012 | By Natasha Ferguson | Interviews, quick interviews
E2E music feature writer Natasha Ferguson interviews Cedella Marley at Brixton’s ‘Regeneration Celebration’.

The Regeneration Celebration that took place on July 29th, was a day of good vibes only down on Bob Marley Way in Brixton, South London. In honour of one of the most influential talented innovators of reggae music, Bob Marley was the honouree of the day’s festivities.

Celebrating 50 years of Jamaican Independence and the British Jamaican Culture, the music art social event included music performances from all genres from the old classics to the up and coming.

As well as the Bob Marley brand of coffee charities and beverages in full effect, the day wouldn’t have been without special guests Julian and Cedella Marley – who I was lucky to catch and chat for a few minutes.

Tash: Hi Cedella, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Cedella: Oh thank you

Tash: How are you enjoying the weather right now?

Cedella: It’s raining but you know what? If Daddy was here rain or shine we’d still be partying and having fun. He’d put a tent up in this rain and carry on. That’s what you gotta do just get on with it.

Tash: we are celebrating 50 years of Jamaican Independence that without your late father the pioneer, would never have been recognised the way it is today. How has his life reflected how you live today?

Cedella: I am a very independent woman. I do everything on my own, and so for me his life has allowed mine to be whatever I wish it to be.

Tash: Injecting the people with your father’s empowering life of love music peace, must be a full time job. How do you relax?

Cedella: (smiles) I drink a Marley’s Mellow Mood of course.

Tash: If your dad was here today at the celebration, what would he say and what would he play?

Cedella: He would just get up on that stage and start playing. If you asked him to perform that’s what he would do. He’d sing anything. Daddy loved performing and spreading love to the people man.

Tash: Concealing your father’s memory from a health perspective opens our eyes and brings us closer to how he treated life and his body. As a child, what was the worst concoction he made you drink?

Cedella: Omg he would make me drink fish tea, papaya loads of different things that was not nice growing up back then (face cringes)

Tash: There are various flavours of the Marley Moods. What’s your favourite?

Cedella: (picks up the nearest can) My favourite? Ummm. They have Mango over here? I haven’t tried this on yet. (Looks at me) Have you tried it? No. (Hands one to me) then you gotta try one too.

Tash: Over the next twenty five years, where do you want your father’s legacy to be?

Cedella: It’s all about the music man and so for me I just want my Daddy’s music to spread empowerment peace and joy. One love right.

Tash: One love yes. Indeed. Cedella it was an honour. Thank you so much.

Cedella: It was a pleasure.

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