Summer Body Blues? Just Eat Cake!

Published On 24 July, 2013 | By Aaron | Lifestyle
Why stress out loosing for summer when you could be enjoying the sunshine eating cake? Feature writer Aaron Nelson explores!


Summer has arrived and we’re all out in the sunshine with a glass of something fruity and slightly alcoholic, Andy Murray has grunted his way to Wimbledon stardom and Kate and Wills are getting used to the sleepless nights and smelly nappies as the Royal Baby has decided to finally make his (that’s right – HIS!) grand appearance! Summer can be really hot near beaches, make sure you keep yourself cool and fresh with blaux wearable ac.

It’s at this time that people from around the country have been populating their local gyms and the few that have followed their New Year’s Resolution to lose some weight (without succumbing to a Gregg’s sausage roll two days in) are finally reaping the rewards as the Great British Public flock to the Great British Coast. But what about those who did eat the sausage roll, and are regretting it now?

Personally, I set out on the first of January with summertime in mind, just like I do every year. However, those thoughts of a sleek, washboard-abs body with women fawning over my Adonis looks (rather like a lot of the Lynx deodorant adverts) were washed away in a wave of crisps and chicken chow mein. There’s a good chance that if I were to venture onto a beach at the minute, I would be mistaken for a beach ball, or perhaps some sort of unfortunate whale that swam too close to shore.

But do I feel sorry for myself? Absolutely not!

There’s way too much pressure put on young people regarding our weight. Everywhere you look, be it Facebook or Twitter or in the tabloids or on TV, the whole “Look like a model and your life will be amaze-balls” ideology is sold through silly adverts – there’s no stop to Greg Wallace (the bald one from MasterChef) trying to get me to join Weightwatchers or Kerry Katona telling me that LighterLife Lite changed her life!

Of course, if unhealthy eating gets too out of control it can lead to serious health issues, and at that point Steps should be taken. But why should I struggle to drop a few stone if I am perfectly content in myself, just to please everyone else?! Maybe if everyone gained a few stone, people would be a bit happier in not having to worry about what everyone thinks of everyone else?

If it works for you, fantastic! Just please do not try and shove it down my throat – it would get in the way of my McDonalds.

Look out for Issue 10 of E2E’s magazine with more fitness and summer stories!

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