Bite the Ballot: My Manifesto

Published On 29 October, 2012 | By Ja'e | Music, Politics, Students/Education
Bite The Ballot create ‘Keep Quiet & Nothing Changes’ to inspire young people to involved in politics.

Do you think there is a lack of opportunity for you? Are you happy with your education, both what you learn and how much it costs? Do you wish public transport was cheaper? Are you happy with your relationship with the police? Do the government do enough for you?

‘Keep Quiet & nothing changes’ is a viral campaign created to inspire young people to get involved in politics by playing on some of the fears and reservations they have about getting involved! Using young idols such as SB.TV’s Jamal Edwards, Sam Pepper and Dominique Moore, Bite the Ballot are attempting to re-brand British Politics by inspiring young people to play a role in their future and the decisions affecting them.

In January 2013 Bite The Ballot will be presenting your issues, suggestions and concerns directly to the government, every political party in the Westminster as well as the Scottish Parliament, and the assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland. So for the first time in history you can have a say in voicing directly to the decision makers on what young people really want.


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