Gangster with Banter: Mo Stack – Mixtape Review

Published On 24 February, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Mixtapes/EPs, Music

Mo Stack Dropped his new mixtape, Gangster with banter, believe me its nothing but banter from beginning to end.

Its been highly anticipated for Mo Stack fans. Recently everything he touches turns to gold. You can never listen to Mo Stack without laughing or forgetting your problems. Not because his musical ability is poor, but because it is hilariously genius. 

Which is why Gangster with banter is highly recommended. I would describe the mixtape as a post-Valentines day mixtape, as he talks about not having a bae and the effect girls can have on a guy in the funniest of ways. 
The album reflects Mo as an idiot and just how he is a different species to the rap game. The thing that makes the album different is that he doesn’t talks about the three common things UK rappers talk about: Beating someone up, Money and cars. 

He just tells the truth, nothing but honesty for Mo stack. 

Best song: F*** Your Man

Rating: 9/10

Ive got to give him a high rating as most if his songs are about how he feels. The best thing of all, is that its Free! Mo stack really has fun on this mixtape and its something you will have too.

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