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Post Styles

Using Bold

When typing about someone or an artist for example Drake you type their name in bold on the first mention. Please don’t highlight/write unnecessary words in bold, capitals or  use eclipses unless they are needed. (…) aren’t needed midway through a post!

Quotation marks: song titles vs. quotes

If your talking about a song title ‘Best I Ever Had’ put it in single speech marks, “not these ones”. Only use those for short quotes. If you’re going to quote something slightly bigger such as lyrics or an extract from an interview or a full interview from another site, move onto the next line by pressing enter:

Typewhat you need to type, highlight text and then click that quotation mark at the top and the result will look like this. Don’t worry about using  “quotation marks” because it will add them on the real thing – click preview on the right to see.

Or in the ‘text’ (html) tab just enclose the text in this html tag <blockquote > </blockquote > (no spaces of course).

Using Italics

If you’re talking about a film/tv show/book/magazine/newspaper title type it in italics e.g The Sun, Fabulous Magazine, Big Brother, 106 and Park, 2 Fast 2 Furious etc.

If you haven’t finished writing a post it should autosave but do click ‘save draft’ on the right.
If you want to schedule a post for a certain time click ‘edit’ next to ‘publish immediately’ and then type in the date and time.

Headlines & Sub-heads

Try to make the headline as catchy as possible, with the most important details in it. The headlines for posts will be edited whereby necessary, but please try to keep in under two lines long. For videos etc. keep them simple e.g.

Video: Drake – Started From The Bottom
Audio: Drake – Started From The Bottom
New Music: Drake – Started From The Bottom
Review: Drake – Started From The Bottom

If it’s a song featuring someone add the ‘ft.’ in brackets last only if it can fit!
e.g Video: 50 Cent – We Up (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Also, you may notice posts have a subhead, this is merely because this is what goes out to Twitter. This is usually added by an editor, but if you feel confident in writing one yourself, go for it. Make sure it is written in the size  of heading 5.

Categories & Tags

Depending on what you’re writing depends on the category. The system is still being worked on so keep an eye out for the addition of categories.

Sticking to our Drake example if you’re writing about a new music video. Scroll down click ‘Videos’ and then ‘music’ (which is under that). If it’s a new song click Music and also audio. Entertainment news ‘News’ then ‘entertainment’.

Have a scroll through it and you should get what I mean.

Tags is similar – depending on what you’re writing about. So back to Drake and ‘Started From The Bottom’ music video the tags would be:

Drake, music, Videos, Hip-Hop, hiphopgrime,

Some words are installed already and remember to separate each term by commasNever use whole sentences, just key words.

Drafting & Proofreading

Make sure you preview your posts before publishing/scheduling, to proofread and to make sure it looks how you want.

Adding photos

Above this box it says ‘Upload/Insert’ and that’s where you can add media. You can drag and drop photos.
Always make sure the photos you upload are named before uploading. Just so when people search for ‘Drake Started From The Bottom’ (for example) the photo from this site comes up in the image search! No one will be searching IMG29340 or sdkywskdsa.jpg !!

It is CRUCIAL that the ‘featured image’ box on the right is filled and that the image dimension is 640×360. This can be done in Photoshop, by creating a document that size and carefully fitting the image to the dimension. For videos from YouTube for example, put the video in HD and print screen the clip. This can be pasted into something as simple as MS Paint and then appropriately adjusted. If you have problems doing this leave it and let me know!

Adding embedded codes (YouTube etc)

At the top of this box you’ll see two tabs on the right ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’
Visual is when you’re typing normally. For adding Tube videos, audio etc. click html and paste the code there. Videos are always 640×360.

When adding the embedded code please use the code that has the <iframe> tag and not the old long code. And paste it using the HTML tab above. This goes for Vimeo, SounCloud and anyother player.

With this theme, above there are buttons which enable you to paste the player in without copy and pasting the code by simply adding the ID of the video/song.

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