Is Yungen the first to finally defeat Chip?

Published On 20 February, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Music

Last night was crazy in the youtube world as the Yungen and Chipmunk beef reignited a new flame.

Two vids, 24 hours almost 350,000 views. Wow. Just to recap this whole saga between Yungen and Chip started.

It all started with Chipmunk describing Yungen as not relevant to be nominated for a Best new comer for the Mobo awards. It all got complicated there, as tweets were sent and videos commenced. 

But we are not really here to talk about the beef specifically. Yesterday Chipmunk released his One Take Freestyle sending shots for Yungen, which hit over 150,00 views in under 24 Hours. The best line in the diss song was “if you ain’t the top 2 in your crew’ he is saying that Yungen is basically a ‘Side man’ to Krept and Konan. But who cares?! That line is quite old when you look at it. 

Yungen probably has more recent success than Chipmunk. Really and truly everyone that Chipmunk has beef with has made more recent success than him. Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah. To be honest with you, Tinie Tempah is on another level to Chipmunk. 

Then, Yungen released his diss called ‘Punk’. This reached over 200,000 views in under 24 hours. There is a conspiracy that he did make this song before hand, but the message was clear and it was sent out. 

I do believe that Yungen did really have this round as he really said some hurtful things. But the video can speak for itself, go and watch it. Let me know what you guys think, I think Yungen has finally defeated Chipmunk.

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