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Published On 13 April, 2015 | By Mr Montgomery | Interviews, Music
E2E’s Andre Johnson interviewed Rapper/Spoken Word artist Jaja Soze.

“Many people ask me what I am I say I am a music lifestyle and cultural entrepreneur,” said the artist.

Formerly known as a Gang banger and drug dealer, Jaja Soze tells us how the two lifestyles has helped him survive.

“My background made me who I am, I learnt my life skills on the streets. Many people learn it in University. I learnt

Andre Johnson and Jaja Soze

Andre Johnson and Jaja Soze

business on the streets and many basic things to survive. As I got older I started to use those same skills in a corporate world. I mixed the streets with corporate and I was able to achieve the things I have today.”

Coming from Brixton, the where the media portray it as a negative place. We asked Jaja what positives come from Brixton.

“Many positive things have come of Brixton, I have been able to run a music Label. People have been signed from these brands and have been able to change their lives.

We asked him when did he decide to change his life and go towards a positive direction in life.

“I got to a point in my life where I didn’t want to stay negative. Nobody wants to stay in negativity. I was 21 when I was in prison, I started seeing big men that were 60 years old doing life in jail and I didn’t want that. http://endz2endz.com/music/jaja-soze-talks-lifestyle/Then when I came out I decided to use my Skills to get out of negativity.”

He then went to say that he wants to build schools, bigger studio facilities, projects in Africa Jamaica and Brazil. Also with documentaries and books.

Jaja Soze has a music label Called PDC where young rappers come and develop there rapping skills.

You can find Jaja Soze on:
Twitter: @jajapdc
Instagram: @jajapdc

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