Jspades Vs Stormzy-Pointless

Published On 18 February, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Music

Both good rappers but is there any need for the conflict behind each other. Also, who has the upper hand in this rap feud. 

In all fairness we all know Stormzy has the game in his hands at the moment. Selling over 250,000 copies of his single – ‘Shut up’. He has really made a way for himself. Hate him or love him, everybody has to respect his grind. Coming into the scene officially in 2014 and blowing up in 2015, whats next for the guy? My mum knows who stormzy is and she’s 58!

For J Spades, he had his time when rap was making a lot of noise. However, lets be honest, nobody really cares about rap as grime has taken over. 

I believe that Stormzy has one over Spades as he has 3 Mobos and a BET in only 2 years, thats a major achievement. He recently had a show in Tokyo, i’m sure every rapper would want that.

Many may say how Jspades is over 30 years old dissing a 22 year old, that looks quite lame isn’t it. No disrespect to Spades as he is undoubtedly a good rapper. But there is no way he can send for Stormzy. Stormzy has achieved more than him in such a short space of time. 

What do you guys think? Is this whole situation pointless? 

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