Listen: Dean Atta – I Am Nobody’s N**ger (Stephen Lawrence Tribute)

Published On 7 January, 2012 | By Ja'e | Arts & Culture, audio, Music, Poetry
Dean Atta pays tribute to Stephen Lawrence with a new poem, ‘I Am Nobody’s N**ger’.

Dean Atta - I Am Nobody's Nigger

January 3rd was a day to mark down in British criminal history as it saw two of Stephen’s Lawrence’s killers being found guilty of his murder after 18 long years. On the 4th they were both sentenced to a late but well deserved shared total of 29 years in prison. Music came forth in the begining as a way of slaves expressing their hardship and since slavery has grown into a worldly medium to express other feelings.

Nowadays where music especially Rap – and even everyday speech use the derogatory term ‘ni*ga’ it has become somewhat accepted in today’s society. It’s a shame as it was once and is still a word used to humiliated Black people and was sadly one of the last words that Stephen Lawrence heard.

Written out of frustration of the situation around the case, spoken word artist Dean Atta pays tribute to Stephen Lawrence in this heart felt and passionate piece ‘I Am Nobody’s N**ger’. Pay attention!

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Check out the words the below.

I Am Nobody’s Nigger

Rappers when you use the word “nigger” remember that’s one of the last words Stephen Lawrence heard, so don’t tell me it’s a reclaimed word.

I am nobody’s nigger
So please, let my ancestors rest in peace
Not turn in their graves in Jamaica plantations
Or the watery graves of the slave trade
Thrown overboard into middle passage
Just for insurance claims
They were chained up on a boat
As many as they could manage and stay afloat
Stripped of dignity and all hope
Awaiting their masters and European names
But the sick and the injured were dead weight to toss
And Lloyds of London would cover that cost.

I am nobody’s nigger
So you can tell Weezy and Drake
That they made a mistake
I am nobody’s nigger now
So you can tell Kanye and Jigga
I am not a nigger… in Paris
I’m not a nigger in London
I’m not a nigger in New York
I’m not a nigger in Kingston
I’m not a nigger in Accra
Or a nigger with attitude in Compton
Cos “I don’t wanna be called yo nigga”

How were you raised on Public Enemy
And still became your own worst enemy?
You killed Hip Hop and resurrected headless zombies
That can’t think for themselves or see where they’re going
Or quench the blood lust because there’s no blood flowing
In their hearts, just in the streets
They don’t give a damn as long as they eating
Their hearts ain’t beating, they’re cold as ice (bling)
Because they would put money over everything
Money over self respect or self esteem
Or empowering the youth to follow their dreams
Stacking paper cos it’s greater than love it seems
Call me “nigger” cos you’re scared of what “brother” means

To know that we share something unspeakable
To know that as high as we rise we are not seen as equal
To know that racism is institutional thinking
And that “nigger” is the last word you heard before a lynching.

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