Mixtape: Marvell Monday – The Re-Mixtape

Published On 16 May, 2012 | By Ja'e | Mixtapes/EPs, Music
Marvell drop their latest mixtape, Marvell Monday – The Re-Mixtape. A compilation of all their ‘Marvell Monday’ tracks.

The Marvell boys are back, and they’ve come back harder than ever with a 12 track mixtape. Not only can you download and listen to their compilation of all their ‘Marvell Monday’ tracks on Marvell Monday – The Re-Mixtape, you can watch!

Sounds weird, but it’s totally possible as they’ve made a video playlist of all their Marvell Monday releases to go with the tape.

They’re also looking rather dapper in the suits and sunglasses on the cover art!

Cop it with a click below and view the playlist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Marvell Monday – The Re-Mixtape

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