Mixtape Monday: Drew Bakes – Inspiration Of The Inspired

Published On 30 January, 2012 | By Ja'e | Download, Mixtapes/EPs, Music
Drew Bakes drops his latest misxtape, “Inspiration Of The Inspired”.

drew bakes inspiration of the inspired

Underground UK rapper Drew Bakes is one to look out for this year. The South-East London rapper has released the first of many mixtapes to come titled Inspiration Of The Inspired. He is describe on his ReverbNation as a:

Hip-Hop/rap artist who is unique,very deep and preachful with a lot of relative concepts.

This mixtape aims to open the listeners mind to his tracks that are filled with deep meanings and messages and off course to make you bob your head to the well produced beats. The name of the mixtape comes from it being made out of inspiration from many heroes that have lived, died and still present who have made or who are making a mark on our world today.

You can follow Drew on twitter @DrewBakes

Download his mixtape and view the track list after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Inspiration Of The Inspired


  1. Intro
  2. This Is Me
  3. Head Up (ft. Jay Casjj)
  4. Martin’s Room
  5. Jungle Book Wordplay
  6. 2 Pence Relationship (ft. Saint MTE)
  7. Film skit
  8. Bouillon Blast (Year 11)
  9. Money Aint Everything
  10. Catch 21 (ft. Jstarh)
  11. Living Right Interlude
  12. Killing’em (ft. Jay Casjj)
  13. Run Away
  14. Bottle Of Wings Ft Jstarh
  15. Love Kills
  16. Film skit 2
  17. Young Child
  18. Richie Rech’s Outro

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