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Mr M

Mr M, has been laying vocals since the age of thirteen. Beginning with Jungle & Drum and Bass he featured on guest slots on many local underground stations and as he moved with the scenes as they came to prominence he entered the London UK Garage era.

Already with a small name for himself, Mr M began to write lyrics with more substance and definition. Whilst his ability was evident his enthusiasm and motivation were wayward and he drifted out of the scene altogether, venturing into club promotion. Whilst at the early age of 17 he was part of a successful team of promoters who put on one of the most acclaimed club nights even to today, Text Me at Sound every Sunday. Many believe that this weekly event is still yet to be surpassed or equalled even after all these years.

Whilst in club promotion his talent for MCing showed itself again and it was not long before he became part of the headlining bill for many of the urban nights in and around London. He went on to appear alongside Elliot Ness on their breakfast show on Déjà Vu FM. Whilst his passion for being an MC remained he was happier to be a host who would occasionally lay vocals over garage sets. Due to education, family commitments and the arrival of his son, he left entertainment altogether.

In the summer of 2009 Mr M took amazingly his first trip to Ayia Napa! There he reacquainted himself with a lot of his old entertainment affiliates and he rediscovered his passion for holding a mic and moving the crowd. Whilst there he hooked up with an old friend, DJ RSI from Undisputed, they soon began to regularly perform at club nights and started a radio show on Déjà Vu FM together. Mr M then hooked up with a friend and together they produced the track ‘Dash Down’. The track has gone from strength to strength and is being hottly tipped to be the song of 2010 within the UK Urban scene.

Mr M has since found himself much sought after by many producers from the underground funky house scene and even some of the bigger more established names in the industry. His next two songs, ‘Main Man’ and ‘Caught In The Hype’, if Dash Down is anything to go by can only bring him more success. He is viewed as an exciting talent with huge potential, so we all wait to see what more success 2010 brings for him.

Find Mr M online: Undisputed UK | Facebook | YouTube

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