Music Monday: The Goods EP

Published On 20 August, 2012 | By Lydia | Music, Reviews
North London group The Goods drop a 6-track EP.

The Goods are made up of four members – Duncsuei, Verbz, Roman and Leonidas. Producing and writing all of their own tracks, this North London group are about to switch up the game for good.

If you heard their debut mixtape, This Way Up: The Black Edition (released last year), you know that these boys always deliver. You will also be able to hear how much they have refined and developed their sound in a matter of months.

It is hard to box them into one genre, but if you’re a sucker for Hip Hop/Rap, Soul, Dubstep and R&B – you will find it all on this 6-Track EP. There is something for everybody and through the release of this EP, The Goods have again shown that they are well ahead in this race and here to stay.

Check the EP sampler below and if you’re feeling it, click the EP cover to buy it on iTunes for £4.74.

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