Throwback Thursday: Ja Rule – Caught Up (ft. Lloyd)

Published On 23 May, 2013 | By Lydia | features, Music, music, Videos
E2E music feature writer Lydia take us on a RnB journey 8 years back for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Ja Rule - Caught Up (ft. Lloyd) Throwback Thursday

It’s that time again guys – Throwback Thursday! We’re rolling back to 2005, and boy have I got a good’un for you.

Despite the cold winds, grey skies and rainy days – I’m still very much in a joyful, summery mood and all of that is reflected in my “recently played” playlist on my iPod. All the summer anthems are being banged out now, and the volume levels on my speakers are definitely being violated! It just so happens that the track I have chosen for Throwback Thursday has had a ridiculous amount of plays on my iTunes/iPod this week.

Just like last week’s TBT choice, Ja Rule’s ‘Caught Up’ is pretty much summer on a track. If you’re having a rubbish day – just play this tune. I promise you, your mood will pick up almost immediately. From the beat, to Lloyd’s smooth vocals and not forgetting Rule’s deep and raspy flow (which I used to find so sexy, don’t judge me!) – this is definitely something like a summer anthem. That’s one thing that cannot be denied!

I haven’t really heard much from Rule lately, but all I’m saying is that him and Lloyd need to come together and bless us with another classic like the one below, because I am ready, and waiting!

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