Throwback Thursday: Michael Jackson – You Rock My World

Published On 4 April, 2013 | By Lydia | features, Music, music, Videos
It’s that time again – E2E are travelling back in time for Throwback Thursday with a very special track!

Michael Jackson - You Rock My World

I’m pretty sure you have all heard and seen Chris Brown‘s ‘Fine China’ by now (and if not, where the hell have you been?!). There’s no doubt about it, the video is solid – Breezy is back and hopefully here to stay.

There is also no doubt that this video pays homage to the late, great Michael Jackson – from the video concept to the choreography, ‘Fine China’ simply oozes everything Michael. The video it most resembles is MJ’s ‘You Rock My World’ which is why I have chosen it for this week’s #TBT!

This is most definitely in MJ’s top 5 videos. The extended version (which is what you will see today) has everything. Comedy (the video stars the hilarious Chris Tucker), suspense, a hot leading lady, and MJ’s breathtaking choreography. What more could you want? Like. Seriously. This video is EVERYTHING! 

As great as ‘Fine China’ is, it just cannot be compared to this. With this being said though, Chris Brown is the closest thing we have to Michael Jackson, and I’m ecstatic he’s here to keep Michael’s legacy alive through his music and entertainment!

I remember when ‘You Rock My World’ first came out. I made it my mission to learn every single move; and up to this very day, I’m pretty sure I still know the routine! That’s the thing about Michael. When you see him perform, you want to be exactly like him! So this #TBT is for our King of Pop, R&B and Soul. We love you, and we miss you!

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