Throwback Thursday: Raphael Saadiq – Ask of You

Published On 1 August, 2013 | By Lydia | features, Music, music, Videos
E2E music feature writer Lydia hits us up with a R&B soundtrack classic for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Raphael Saadiq - Ask Of You

It’s that time of the week again! #ThrowbackThursday!

Last week, I hit you guys with a party classic – this week I am completely switching it up! This is definitely one for the lovers (which unfortunately isn’t me, by the way. Sad times.).

So let me just tell you how this #TBT came about, as it’s a little bit of a wildcard. On Sunday whilst eating dinner, I decided to stream John Singleton‘s Higher Learning (which is a seriously dope film by the way – so if you haven’t seen it, make sure you find it online ASAP!) In the love scene between Omar Epps and Tyra Banks, Raphael Saadiq’s ‘Ask Of You’ began to play. I literally said out loud, “Oh my flippin’ days!”

Seriously, I couldn’t believe I forgot about this tune! It is the 90s on a track. It was released in 1995, so you can imagine how banging the video is. From the fashion, to the old school cars, and from the wall decor to the dancing – it is typical 90s R&B/Soul. You seriously cannot get any better than Raphael Saadiq when it comes to that kind of vibe. Being a member of the multi-platinum group Tony! Toni! Tone!, he proved he’s just as strong as a solo artist. I love me some Raphael Saadiq. He’s been in the game since the early 80s and is still schoolin’ people to this day. True R&B royalty! All these new school artists need to recognise!

So here you have it, the soundtrack to Higher Learning, ‘Ask of You’ by Raphael Saadiq. Enjoy!

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