Top 5 Underrated UK artists

Published On 16 February, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Music
Ever watched a freestyle on SBTV or watched a music video on link up tv and wondered wow, the whole world should know about this person. Yeah me too! However, no matter what the person brings to the table or our screens they just can’t seem to get any recognition. That’s why we’re going to look at the UK’S top 5 underrated artists.

5: Zak Abel

The song writer from north London, has an amazing voice. Recently being verified on twitter means nothing as not a lot people know him. ‘You probably question who is this guy”. He released two EP’S last year – ‘Joker Presents’ and One hand on the future. He also spent 2015 touring europe with producer bondax.

You can find him on youtube and also soundcloud.

4: Rapman

Saying what happened is one thing, but putting it into a descriptive story is another. Rapman from lewsiham is definatley underrated. His flow and the energy he puts into his music shows how long he can last in the game. Rapman raps about real life stories and things that actually happen within his area. h uses his past experiences and challenges in the community to add to his rap content. Check out blue story the trilogy.


3: SNE

Hackneys golden child. In this case he is behind bronze as he hasn’t got much recognition. His flow adds a lot of intensity when he raps. Listening to rico Rodrigo filmed in Italy, milan you ask yourself what is he going to make next. The rapper is quite small, but his height is completely opposite to his potential. I would say he fits into the trap genre but others would say grime, I don’t know how that works but check out ‘tell me’ on youtube.

2: Elf Kid

Another golden child but this one is from Lewisham. Definitely a hot person to look out for. Fresh from ‘The Square’ a grime rap group. His song Golden boy which was recently number on Spotify and which has been described by NME as instantly brilliant. Elf kid remixes Amerie one thing and really turns it Into a banger. Elf Kid is only 18 years old. The future is bright for the grime MC.

1: Che Lingo

lyrically speaking che lingo should be regonized every where! His content is relevant and allows you to step into his own life. Che Lingo has been rapping for more than 3 years and does deserve attention. He had his EP released last summer, called T.R.I.P. The rapper from south London  I guess he doesn’t because he doesn’t rap about using a gun or selling drugs but oh well!

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