X Factor 2013 Roundup: The Finals Part 1

Published On 14 December, 2013 | By Aaron | Film & TV, Music, reality tv, Reviews, television, TV
E2E feature writer Aaron Nelson rounds up the X Factor’s 2013 finale in the first of two reviews.


It’s been four months since the 10th series of The X Factor returned to our screens. Since then we’ve had tears, tantrums, pregnancies, injuries and bitchiness enough to give Jeremy Kyle a run for his money! Last night, the first half of this year’s final aired, and boy was it a corker!

We’ve moved away from the confines of the ITV studios and settled in the cavernous space of Wembley Arena, and the final three contestants used the space to up the pyrotechnics and grand ole prop-ery!

After a #totesemosh VT showing him returning home and performing in his local town, 17-year-old Scotsman Nicolas McDonald was up first with a colourful performance reminiscent of Katy Perry’s ‘California Dreams’ video, complete with bright pink lollipops and garishly dressed dancers as he performed Robbie Williams’ ‘Candy’.

Sam Bailey was up next, and after a tear-jerking reel showed her back in her home town of Leicestershire performing for her daughters, she straddled some scaffolding and zipped down a fireman’s pole during a FIERY (Geddit? No? Never mind…) rendition of Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’.

The last remaining finalist was Luke Friend, who, after seeing him back in Devon with his family, mounted the roof of a tube on-stage and sang a rock-full take on fun.’s ‘We Are Young’.

Now, as is tradition in all X Factor finals, the final three perform with industry professions. Luke was back on stage with BRIT Award-winning Ellie Goulding to perform her hit single ‘Anything Could Happen.’

Nicolas also returned, but this time he came with Westlife frontman Shane Filan and the two performed Westlife’s iconic ‘Flying Without Wings’ before Sam Bailey hit the stage once more with our very own Nicole Scherzinger as the two belted out Dreamgirl’s hit single ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’.

JedwardXF13We were then treated (for desperate want of a more fitting word) to a performance from some of the most memorable acts over the last ten years – there was Kitty Brucknel on a flying ball. Wagner. Jedward harnessed to genitally unforgiving flying mechanisms. Johnny Robinson in platinum and tin foil. Wagner. RylanAmerican-football style. 2 Shoes. Diva Fever. WAGNER!!!

Think Alice in Wonderland, the Teletubbies and the Clangers all tripping on bad acid in some sleazy Soho basement AND THEN DOUBLE THE OBSCURITY!

Thankfully, Dermot O’Leary was there to bring us all back down to a thankfully sane and Wagner-less Earth to introduce rock legends The Killers, who performed their hit singles ‘Human’ and ‘Mr Brightside’.

And then it was down to business. The final three were brought on stage and it was up to Dermot to announce which two made it through to the Sunday night’s conclusion.

The final two are…


Commiserations to Luke Friend, who will no doubt go on to have a great career!

Tomorrow, the conclusion of this year’s final – not only will the winner be revealed, but Katy Perry, Elton John and Gary Barlow and One Direction perform!

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