Yellowire on purpose, spirituality, and ‘doing it for the right reasons’

Published On 10 March, 2014 | By Alina Kay | E2E, Interviews, Music
E2E feature writer Alina Kay speaks to rock band Yellowire on purpose and spirituality.

Yellowire Shepherds Bush March 2014

It is my first time at Shepherd’s Bush and after waiting in cold for more than an hour, I get my photo pass. The venue is packed with all kinds of people, mostly fans of Gavin DeGraw. However, I am here to interview his supporting band- Yellowire. The London-based rock band delivers a vibrant half an hour show, although the audience reacts with lazy clapping and a few woos, anticipating for the main act.

They play seven songs and end it with their hit from the latest album, Machines on Fire. After the show I am invited up to the (way-too-small for a team of around 10 people) dressing room, where I get to know some of band members. Ol Beach, the lead singer and Linda Buratto, guitar (who can rock the electric guitar like no other woman I’ve ever seen) tell me about Yellowire.

“People meet and it happens”, is all Ol has to say about the band’s beginnings. I get a way more interesting answer when I ask why the band is called Yellowire. “Do you want the long version or the short version”, asks Beach, and of course I want to hear all of it.

Ol was in a different band in South Africa supporting Robbie Williams. On their day off the band decided to get massages, and this was where Ol met “this big woman, kind of ‘creature'” (laughs). They had an amazing connection, and she told him the story of her life. She was abused as a child, ran away from home and was living on the streets.

One day when she was sixteen she decided that this is it and prepared to jump off a bridge. Standing between life and death, a mysterious guy turned up and handed the girl a paper, adding ‘ring this number’. Having nothing to lose, she called it, and ended up meeting a woman who later became her adopted mother, teaching the woman all she knows in life.

So the ‘guru-lady’ asked:
‘What’s your band called?’
‘The White Daisies’, answered Beach.
On which the woman said “No, it is called ‘Yellowire'” (both Linda and Ol laugh at the memory).

Later in life, when Ol decided to start-up a new band, he called it “Yellowire” cause of the mad, spiritual ‘guru-woman’. “Because why not?”

Yellowire backstage Shepherds March 2014Yellowire supported The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park summer 2013, which is, to be frank, a big deal. They tell me that The Stones “put across so much great vibe” and it was very inspiring to watch them perform. The band is hoping to perform at some festivals this year too, although “it’s all up in the air” as for now.

The band is going across Europe with Gavin DeGraw until the 19th of March. “This is only the second gig. Yesterday was fun, it’s been really nice”. Linda and Ol say DeGraw and the band are friendly, and supporting them is an honour.

“As far as it can go” is exactly the place where Ol is trying to take the band. Linda points out that Beach “is spiritual about this, in a good way”.
Ol: People get together for one purpose and it’s goodness. There is no divisiveness at all, no winner or loser. When you walk away from it, you feel like you know the people better although you’ve never even spoken to them. That’s why music for me is one of the greatest gifts.

What is your favourite performance?
Linda: Shepherd’s Bush is the best, in London, I think. Everyone’s played here, you feel connected to it.
Ol: Yeah, tonight. But tomorrow we’re probably gonna say the same thing! (laughing)

Any advice you can give to young people who want to ‘make it’ in the music world?
Linda: Give up (laughing)
Ol: Depends on the ‘make it’ idea. Be yourself. If you’re trying to be something, everyone can see through that. In the end, just be who you are and the best of yourself.
Linda: Define what your ‘making it’ means as well. If it means that you want to be famous, then the music is not right thing. How do you wanna make it? Find a direction to walk to.., or meet a crazy woman!

Valuable lessons to take from Yellowire:
Remember what Dr. Seuss once said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than You”. So stop trying to be someone you’re not. Also, I’ve never met any musicians more humble and fun than the members of Yellowire, so keep your feet on the ground.

..and meet a guru-woman somewhere far away.

You can keep up to dat with Yellowire online: Website | Twitter | Facebook YouTube | SoundCloudInstagram

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