Google has a piñata party!

Published On 27 September, 2013 | By Ja'e | Gaming, News, tech, Technology
Google celebrates its 15th birthday with an interactive piñata Doodle.

Google '15th Birthday' Doodle (animated)

It’s pretty hard to believe that Google has been around for 15 years. For some reading this you were probably a babbling baby when the search engine was founded back in 1998, while others – such as myself – were running around the school grounds playing kiss chase or kings square!

Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the search engine is the most used search engine in the year with over 114 billion searches last December taking up just over 65% share in the search landscape. Why? Google just seems to have all the answers, and a lot of search engines are actually powered by Google!

To celebrate its 15th year (that’s half of the existence of the actual Internet!), Google has created an extra special Doodle in the form of piñata party game! It’s pretty obvious what has to be done, but I’ll explain for the fun of it! The player has to use the space-bar or their left clicker to make the blind folded ‘g’ hit the star-shaped ‘o’ piñata drop candies!

Everyone is a winner, as long as they drop more than 50 candies. If not you’ll have a lame party with a spider web in your jar. If you get over 100 candies, Google will add a slice of cake, a present and give the letters a party hat each! If you’re extremely good, earning yourself over 180 candies the characters (letters) will celebrate on a hill full of your winnings!

Mat Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team tweeted a special Easter Egg on the launch of the Doodle showing what Google looked like back in 1998. So not only do you get to have fun playing an interactive game collecting digital candies, but you also get to travel back in time!

Google in 1998 (Easter Egg)

To view this Easter Egg type ‘Google in 1998’ into your favourite search engine! If you don’t use Google, it obviously won’t work – so good luck if the G isn’t your fave!

Feliz cumpleaños Google!

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