Naming Babies – How the Celebs do it…

Published On 28 June, 2013 | By Aaron | celebrity, entertainment, Lifestyle, News
Feature writer Aaron Nelson discuses the celebrity phenomenon of  unusual child naming!

Naming Babies – How the Celebs do it

On Saturday the 15th June, the blogoshpere exploded, leaving tendrils of rumour and speculation to drip down the walls of the internet: Kim Kardashian has given birth to a girl!

And then, after almost a week of silence and an unnaturally vacant twitter feed, the likes of which he haven’t seen from a Kardashian before, the news broke that Kim and boyfriend Kanye West (or “KimYe”, if you like) had given their daughter a name: North. North West. Nori for short, apparently. I’ll leave the compass jokes to you, but this latest baby naming has got me thinking: what must celebrities be thinking when they come around to naming their baby?!

Lets look at the history: apparently, fruit was a popular choice once; PEACHES Geldof, daughter to musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates and APPLE Martin, daughter to Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay front-man Chris Martin. Also, there’s a long list of celebrities named after places, such as PARIS Hilton, PARIS Jackson, Reese Witherspoon named her son TENNESSEE and Mariah Carey and husband Nick Canon were inspired to name their son MOROCCAN.

Then we have the names that the mothers must have come up with after a little too much gas and air; actor Nicholas Cage’s son was dubbed KAL-EL (a nod to the Superman comics), actress Kate Hudson thought BINGHAM would be a great name for her son and comedian Mike Myers seemed to have misheard his wife and thought he was getting a dog when he named his son SPIKE.

Perhaps this is what the kids of the future will have to get used to? In a century’s time, names like Pillock and Prat and Syphilis might just be the hight of sophistication, leaving the more traditional names the outcasts? In that case, I might just jump on the train early – you may call me from now on Tonsillitis Chickenchucker.

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