Black people that should be London Mayor

Published On 7 May, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Politics

Congratulations to Sadiq Khan being elected as the new London Mayor and also the first Muslim London Mayor. So many people tired of Boris Johnson and his candy floss hair. But however there are some candidates that would be great for the role of London Mayor. There were no black candidates in the race. Here are a few black people that would be great candidates for the run and are not already in politics.

Karl Lokko

Ex- gang member and currently working with Richard Branson on various projects in Virgin. The 26 year old from the urban area of Brixton – Myatts Field to be precise has a really big story to tell. Leaving the Gang life and working towards positivity. Karl Lokko would be a great candidate for Mayor of London as he has experienced life from both sides of the kaleidoscope. Many people look up to this giant and his popularity is on a large scale across London.

Idris elba

Its safe to say that Idris Elba has been considered for a numerous amount of things, black james bond, Black Prime Minister, Black Superman and the list goes on and on. Idris Elba is an Actor, Dj and musician, i wouldn’t be surprised if he was Batman or Superman in disguise. His demeanour and character demonstrates that of a leader and someone in charge. Hence why he is always considered for lead role and major key figures in the biggest of films. The 43 year old born in Newham, London said in a recent interview with NME “I always imagined I was going to be working and successful.”That confidence and assurance to the people of London is just what i’d want to hear.

Sandie Okoro

Women in this country don’t get the recognition they deserve especially in London. At the age of 11, after being told that black girls from Balham don’t become judges. Sandie Okoro dug deep and began to work hard. The General counsel for HSBC management, is named the ninth influential black person in the Power List. She represents the power women have and has a voice that can stand as Mayor of London.

Jamal Edwards

If anyone knows about leadership and creating something out of nothing. This man knows. The 25 year old who grew up in West London has become a millionaire by creating SBTV an online youtube channel that showcases the best in UK talent, mostly in music. The channel has been going on strong for almost 10 years and he’s managed to turn nothing into something. Imagine what he’ll do as London Mayor if given a lot.

Did i miss out on any candidates are there any people you’d want see. Tweet me @mr_montgomery96

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