E2E Peabody Housing Association Project 2014We are currently working with the Peabody Housing Association in North London to deliver a photography and magazine workshops. These workshops will train the young people to create their own media contents. Through the workshop young people from the Peabody will get the opportunity to develop themselves and also learn new skills which could lead them into magazine, photography, journalism or graphic designing industries.

The project will run for 6 weeks, this will allow the Endz2Endz team to get to know the young people and build good relationships with them. It will also give the young people enough time to learn some practical and technical side of creating a magazine or photography. There are three sides to out workshops and these entail of basic classes in journalism,graphic design and photography.


One of the main aspects of creating a magazine is the content, and this is where journalism comes in. Here the young people will learn how to interview and the hard side to journalism which requires researching. Through interviewing the young people will build their self confidence, self esteem and even how to structure their conversations with one another.

Graphic Design

The young people will also develop their knowledge and understanding in graphic design. To gain an understanding of a marketing side of magazine in regards to the graphic design, the young people will analyse popular magazines. the type faces used to the wording and type of pictures used to capture an audience. Through the workshop young people will also gain skills in using the Adobe creative suite – Photoshop to work on their pictures and InDesign to create and develop their magazine.


We will also teach them how to use ISO, shutter speed, aperture on a camera to take a decent photo which they will be able to use on the project to create their poster or make it as their front cover.

All the work of creating this magazine with Peasbody Housing Association will be done by the young people, Endz2Endz team is there to coach and guid the students/ young people and also because we are a team of young people we will be building a good relationships with the young people so we will be able to advise them in their real life day to day activities.

For more info please email Dennis Gyamfi at