Take, Aim and Shoot

Endz 2 Endz have been granted by an organization by the name of Positive View to run a photography workshop. Positive View is a charity that supports grass roots organizations and charities that work with young people to help them make a better decisions in life through photography.

Take, Aim and Shoot [photo 1]The workshop Positive View granted us to run will be called, Take, Aim and Shoot. The name is giving to draw the attention of the young people and also it is a phrase that photographers use when at work or teaching a student photography.

Our main targets for the workshop is young people from East and South London estates, who are disadvantage due to gun and knife crime, or criminal offences.

We will be looking delivering four Take, Aim and Shoot workshops in 2015, we are planning to have two in South London and two in East London. The aim of the workshop is to help disadvantage young people, young people effected by knife and gun crimes or even experienced losing a close one due to knife and gun offences.

We will use this opportunity to teach the young people the power of photography and how it could be used to keep someone or a memory alive, we will teach the young people instead of picking up a gun to take aim and shoot, they should rather pick up a camera to take aim and shoot.

Take, Aim and Shoot [photo 2]Today cameras are on all types technology especially phone and tablets which young people can easily access, in today’s world young people uses cameras mainly for social network purpose. We want to educate young people on how to take professional photos with DSLR cameras, give the young people an understanding of shutter speed and the use of IOS when taking a picture manually with a camera instead of the automatic use of mobile pictures.

With these lessons the young people will learn light control, movement control and length of depth control, this gives an individual the opportunity to own their images.

Introducing young people to the world of photography will enhance their photography skills and their personal portfolio If perusing into a career in photography. Gun crime is not an easy problem to resolve but Positive View and Endz2Endz would like to contribute to the change by providing opportunities for those young people suffering from peer pressure to go into this way of life or those wanting to take revenge for losing a loved one.

TAKE AIM SHOOT WITH A CAMERA.http://endz2endz.com/projects/take-aim-and-shoot/http://endz2endz.com/projects/take-aim-and-shoot/