Elephant & Castle – Worst Area in London

Published On 22 February, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Reviews

A Run down shopping centre, the smell of urine and a very confusing round about, makes Elephant and Castle one of the worst areas in London. (In our Opinion).

Formally known as an area of filth, the area has been regenerated recently and will undergo some changes. Remember that underground tunnel that took you from one side to another? Well that is no longer there. That place was seen as very dangerous and it smelt bad of urine also a place for many homeless people.

Let’s not talk about the shopping centre, this has been around for ages coming into the world at 1965.

My best memory as a child was going into the bowling alley. With a santander, Greggs, poundland and Tesco, it would make you want to go there. However the layout and structure of the centre will put you off completely.

There will be development plans to fix the centre by 2020 as there is a plan to close it down for 2017.

Not only will the centre be fixed but homes will be provided and UAL- University of the arts London will receive a new centre for the university services.

All of this should cost around £80 million.

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