Anthony Stewart – From blocks to boots

Published On 2 March, 2014 | By Mr Montgomery | Articles, Sports
What if they told you that you would never make it because of the area you come from?

Endz2Endz Andre Johnson meets Anthony StewartEndz2Endz meet up with Wycombe Wanderers defender Anthony Stewart. Raised on the notorious Brixton, Angell Town estate, Stewart said – “I used the experiences in my life and the things I have been through to get me to where I am now.”

“As a kid I’ve always loved football, it was what I wanted from young, I desired it more than anything else and was passionate for it more than anything else. I didn’t allow the negative image my area had, as that was not part of me and that would not benefit me. I used my talent to the best of my ability and I strived to reach my goals. All the negative feedback I received, I eventually brushed off and kept my head up and allowed myself to move forward towards progress.”

What makes him remain consistent in his performances and what prevents him from giving up is knowing that it will all pay off. When the defender is tired and feels likes giving up he decides to give more and work harder, because he understands that it will continue getting him somewhere and he will achieve something great.

Stewart, was offered a trail to prove that he has potential at Wycombe in the future. At the age of 18, Stewart was offered a scholarship to play in the youth team and eventually broke into the First team at the age of 19. Where he made his debut in 2012 and currently plays week in week out for Wycombe Wanderers first team.

We asked him where he see’s himself in the next 5 years and where he would like to be, the defender said this, “hopefully, one day in the Premier League or a top league playing first team football.”

The future is looking bright for the defender, as he stays positive.

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