Inspire 2 Achieve ‘Make The Right Choice’ Short Film

Published On 25 October, 2012 | By Ja'e | Inspiration, projects, Students/Education
Community based organisation Inspire2 create a short film for young people made by young people.

Inspire2 is a community based organisation who are dedicated to working with and changing lives of disadvantaged young people in Birmingham through creative activities.

The organisation’s youth have made a short film, inspired by the rise of gun crime in the city; about two friends living in the inner city of Birmingham struggling to make the right choice. The aim of the film is to send out a strong message to young people not to get caught up in the gang and gun culture.

To keep up to date with the organisation you can follow them on Twitter: @InspireTwo.

Watch the short film made by young people for young people below. Enjoy and learn from it!

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