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Published On 25 July, 2013 | By Miamii Mansour | Apps & Software, Technology
Why break up face to face when there’s “an app for that”? The new heartless and lazy way is here!

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Everyone says: “there’s an app for everything…” Now, there really is!

Picture this: you like someone, they like you, you start dating! But what happens when that razzmatazz gets lost? YOU DUMP THEM!

Unfortunately, breaking up is the most daunting prospect for anyone, even the most socially awkward! Have no fear because an app has been created to help you do just that!

BreakUpText does what is says on the ‘non-existent’ tin! Brought to you by Jake Levine and Lauren Leto, the app prepares and drafts a ‘break-up’ text to your other half, so you don’t have to!

BreakupText App - guy or girlThis is most definitely the must-have app for heartless and lazy people! It’s the easiest and most sufficient way to end things with someone who just doesn’t rock your world. You won’t need to stay on the phone for endless lengths of time debating as to why the relationship is over!

Quick, CHECK, Easy, CHECK, Straight to the point, CHECK!

There are many different optional templates to choose from, some of which are ultra weird like: “I was eaten by a bear”. That’s one way of ending a relationship! I didn’t even know bears stomachs produce network coverage or connected to WiFi… Well, we learn something every day!!

It seems to me like people enjoy apps more than improving their social-skills, getting an app to do their dirty work, HONESTLY!!

I know I would!


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