Introducing the Hot Watch Smartwatch

Published On 24 August, 2013 | By Miamii Mansour | Gadgets, Mobile, Technology
You thought Smartphones were taking over the world? Well welcome it’s new cousin, the Smartwatch!

HOT Watch

Want to know what’s the new form of technology? – a ‘SmartWatch’!

A ‘SmartWatch’ has put all those dumb old watches to shame. Previously, all watches ever did was tell you the time and date. How “dumb” is that???

Now, these new cool and clever watches allow us (social-network addicts) to check our Facebook and Twitter notifications without even picking up our phones (saving its battery in the process). With Apple and Samsung releasing their versions of a ‘SmartWatch’, it’s making every company jump on that wave!

The ‘HotWatch’ is the ‘SmartWatch’ that is tipped to take the watch world to new heights!

Check out CNET’s first look video on the smartwatch below!

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