X Box IllumiRoom; a device that could change the face of gaming

Published On 7 May, 2013 | By Ja'e | Gaming, Technology
Featuring hologram technology, Microsoft unveil X Box ‘IllumiRoom’ demo.

Xbox 720 - IllumiRoom

Microsoft have released a new demo of its ‘IllumiRoom’ technology, that will enhance and impact the way we play games in the near future. The technology was first shown off at during Samsung’s keynote at CES 2013, back in January and could see your living room or bedroom turn into hologram central!

The idea is to use a projector to extend a game from the TV to cover the entire wall of a room. IllumiRoom does this by scanning your room, cleverly taking in the dimensions and identifying obstacles and dimensions, and then projecting and extending the game in the background. Thus creating a much more interesting and embracing gaming experience!

Microsoft Research stated in a CHI (computer Human Interaction)V 2013 document;

Our vision for a fully developed IllumiRoom system includes an ultra-wide field of view device sitting on the user’s coffee table, projecting over a large area surrounding the television.

The device would be connected wirelessly to a next generation gaming console as a secondary display. The ultra-wide field of view could be obtained with an ultra-short throw projector, or by coupling a standard projector with a spherical/parabolic mirror. The room geometry could be acquired with a depth sensor or a structured light scan.

Microsoft are set to unveil the new Xbox 720 May 21, and will hopefully speak more on the IllumiRoom device, which remains a prototype for now.

For now watch the cool demo, below.

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