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Published On 3 May, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Football, Premier League, random, Sports
Sometimes in life things get hard. One minute you’re up another you’re down. Sometimes the things you least expect to happen end up happening. If you don’t live underneath a rock, you will know that last night, Leicester City won the Premier League after Tottenham were held to a draw by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

It’s been a crazy season and I’m sure if you use some key factors of Leicester’s fairy tale season with your own life you can actually get somewhere.

Patience is Key

MAJOR KEY ALERT!! Patience, Leicester have been really patient as last year they finished 14th. Getting rid of Nigel Pearson and being promoted into the Premier League after being out of it for over 10 years. Many people could have expected Leicester to become relegated last season and even this season. You can use this in your own life. Maybe things aren’t going so well right now, but things can and will get better if you persist and keep working with positivity. Stay Patient!

It’s never too late

Maybe you’reading this on your phone, sofa and you was meant to do something for a long time but time has been your enemy. Maybe you have a criminal record and this has set you back, maybe you’ve been wanting to lose weight but time has passed and things have come up and now you are thinking when is it really going to happen? It’s never too late! Take Jamie Vardy for example, a 29 year old who 4 years ago was playing in lower league football, now he’s the second top goal scorer in the Premier League and the Football Writers player of the year. So who’s laughing now?


Leicester's Vardy brutally destroys Tottenham striker Kane on social media

Work with what you have

Mahrez, Kante, Vardy, Morgan are all examples of why you should be happy with what you have. All together Leicester’s team cost £54.4Million compared to Chelsea (Over £200million) but the lesson here is sometimes you don’t have to look far for quality. We can usually complain about not having everything we want, but we might have everything we need. Value what you love!

7 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss and 1 Premier league title. Leicester have had a phenomenal season. It’s been a fairy tale season that nobody would have expected. Magnificent results and quality football.

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