Beyonce debuts new single ‘Grown Woman’ in Pepsi Ad

Published On 4 April, 2013 | By Ja'e | entertainment, music, News, Videos
Beyoncé debuts her new single ‘Grown Woman’ in her Pepsi ‘Mirrors’ advert.

Beyonce vs Beyonce - Pepsi 'live for now'

On Wednesday (April 3), Beyoncé got her fans super excited, when she revealed a random teaser video on her YouTube account. Three seconds of her posing and another three with the date, time and hashtag for the promo, fans we’re left baffled but ecstatic for some Bey news.

This afternoon, the big announcement was revealed in video form. And what was it? Nothing but her $50 million Pepsi deal advert, entitled ‘Mirrors’. Though many were probably expecting a bit more from what was a hotly anticipated announcement, the clips does debut her brand new single you can hear her new Timbaland produced track ‘Grown Woman’.

The clip sees Bey in a dance studio practising some moves, she pauses to take a sip of her blue tinned beverage and her alter-egos are then revealed to her in the reflections. The singer then has dance-offs with her former-selves from past videos, ‘Bootylicious’, ‘Crazy in Love’ and the more recent ‘Single Ladies’ version of herself!

Watch the “live for now” promoting clip below.

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