Brothers With No Game: Episode 1

Published On 12 June, 2012 | By Ja'e | Videos, webisodes
Brothers With No Game present “The Heskey Role”, the debut episode of their webseries.

The world of webisodes is expanding in the UK! Which means if the horrendous weather that we’ve seen so far this June continues you’ll have plenty to watch online!

The popular website Brothers With No Game (BWNG) has now turned into a web series! For those who don’t know about BWNG, the blog is written by four London brothers who discuss their experiences from relationships with references from popular culture and sports. One of those references ‘the Heskey role’ was the catalyst of creating the show!

Did I just say Heskey, as in Emile Heskey – the Aston Villa striker? Yes! Basically the ‘Heskey role’ is the guy in the friendzone, the nice guy that never makes second base with a girl they’re considerably close with! The show gives an insight of what really goes on in the male mind in a comical way.

BWNG follows Maverick, Justin Credible, The Yak and Don Kwelu who lets us in the dating ‘game’ from their perspectives. Check out the teaser videos that introduces the viewers to the four musketeers and the women of the series here. If you’re ready to be edutained, check out episode 1 below.

You can follow BWNG onine: Brothers With No Game Website | Twitter | Facebook

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