Friday Funnies Launch!

Published On 6 September, 2013 | By Miamii Mansour | comedy, Lifestyle, Videos
E2E feature writer Miamii kicks off the first of our #FridayFunnies


With everyone back into education or work, we here at E2E decided it would only be right to help ease you into to your weekends every Friday with some light humour. Some of what we post you may have seen already, but as long as it brings a smile to your face we’ve done our job!

If you spot anything online that you think is worth being posted as a #FridayFunny hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag @Endz2Endz! Without further adieu, here it goes..

1)Proposal? FAIL!
This man wanted to propose to his girlfriend, so he took her to where they met, in a Shopping Mall in Dubai. He planned to propose to her, but it went ‘musically’ wrong!

The video was the the most watched video last week… It’s #1 FUNNY!

2) Surprised Kitty, CUTE!
The video above was streamed 3 years ago, but it’s only just found fame; after it was previewed in a new film called, ‘We the Millers.’ The film’s funny and this clip is cute funny!


3) Police aren’t always serious: Notting “THRILL” Carnival
So, Notting Hill Carnival took place last week, but here’s a few police officers showing their softer side. They wanted to show the Carnival-goers what they get up to when they’re not arresting people.

Could they be the next ‘Diversity’? YOU. DECIDE.

4) When a Gorilla loves a Baby
What do you get when you cross a young girl and a young gorilla? THIS!

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