Miley Cyrus gets naked in ‘Wrecking Ball’

Published On 9 September, 2013 | By Ja'e | music, Videos
Miley Cryus bares all in the video for her latest single, ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Since her “twerking” video Miley Cyrus has become more than a household name; her name has been dropped in rap songs, and since her incident at the MTV VMA’s the other day she’s been the name on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue. As they say there’s “no such thing as bad publicity”, and her activities of late has created a mega springboard for her latest single ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Still trying to kick Hanna Montana to the curb, the good-girl-gone-trash continues to break bad with her latest video. Directed by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, the visual follows her party anthem ‘We Can’t Stop’ and fortunately doesn’t feature any twerking. However, Miley does switch the “ratched” behaviour for raunchy!

Yes, you read right! If you thought she couldn’t possible do anything else crazy, the 20-year-old ex-Disney star has decided to bare all. Of course stars before her and present have posed in the nude on magazine fronts or in bath tubs in their videos but this is different. Her annoying tongue makes an appearance for some risqué sledgehammer licking and she rubs up on and rides a swaying wrecking ball. Believe writing this description is making me cringe!

For such a beautiful song, the majority of the video is pretty unnecessary. I guess she does it for the views and to stay in the spotlight. Watch it for yourself below – this one is most definitely not suitable for work!

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