OG Niki has made some ‘Changes’!

Published On 8 October, 2012 | By Ja'e | studio sessions, Videos
OG Niki makes a mature comeback in an acoustic session with ‘Changes’.

It seems as if OG Niki has taken into account all feedback she received from her bouts off sexually explicit MCing and made a turn around. The rapper was brought to our attentions last spring with her very naughty freestyle and has returned with something clean and thought-provoking.

One thing we couldn’t take from Niki’s freaky freestyle was the fact that she is good with words and is slick on their delivery of them. In her acoustic session with ROK Records, she raps and sings about ‘Changes’. Yes, naughty Niki sings on the chorus and she isn’t too bad at it. Not only has she made a lyrical change, the audience has been receptive of her change as she has received more likes on her new track than she did on her summer freestyle.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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