Steffi: My Big Break (Episode 3)

Published On 30 March, 2013 | By Ja'e | Videos, webisodes
This Is Drama release the third episode of new online drama, Steffi.

Steffi - Online Drama (2013)

Steffi is a brand new urban music based drama about a teenage girl plucked from obscurity & plunged into stardom arrives.

In episode 3, Steffi bottles it at her audition. Is she really going to blow the biggest break of her life?

In a continuation of the online drama coming April 4, Steffi gives it her all at the casting in the TV Studios, but is spotted by evil publicist, Quentin James!

Watch episode 3 below, and if you can’t wait, watch the teaser for episode 4 too!

If you missed episode’s one and two, you can watch them both here.

You can keep up to date with all things Steffi online: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | This Is Drama



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