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Published On 20 November, 2012 | By Lydia | music, Videos
MTV Brand New For 2013 entrant Shakka drops a video for his new single, ‘Sooner or Later’.

I am a very happy bunny indeed. My favourite boy Shakka has blessed us with an official video for his new single, ‘Sooner or Later’, set to be released via iTunes December 19th. After making the Brand New For 2013 MTV list, he showed his thanks on his page by posting the official video for the first time!

I have been following this West London native for a good couple of years now, and he continues to grow as an artist and songwriter every single day. To sum up his style, I would call him the UK’s Male answer to Lauryn Hill. He sings, banters and raps and his music is bursting at the seams with character and charisma. On his mixtape, The Shakka Crown Affair he showed us that he can adapt to any beat, play with any genre, and make it entirely his own.

‘Sooner or Later’ is produced by DeanyBoy and I’m really enjoying the whole reggae/soul/Coldplay-esque vibe he’s got going on. I can see this being banged out at next year’s Notting Hill Carnival! (It makes so much sense, since that is our Shakka’s endz!)

Congratulations to Shakka for making the ‘Brand New For 2013’ MTV List!

For more updates, follow Shakka on @iAmShakka. Check his new video below!

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