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As Siobhan Benita has been barred by the BBC from having an official election broadcast, we have given her a platform! Siobhan who is an independent candidate and only candidate in the Mayor of London election not allowed a PEB (party election broadcast). She has had 2 appeals to the BBC Trust turned down this week, while a racist broadcast by the BNP was allowed to air on Tuesday. Siobhan Benita accused the BBC of “losing its moral compass and failing to take a commonsense decision”.

The producer of the video is our founder Dennis Gyamfi. Dennis has been no stranger to politics in London, interviewing some of the political heavyweights like Nick Clegg and Theresa May. A huge fan of Siobhan and her policies on young people, Dennis offered his time and services to create the election broadcast that will go out to all the young people in the Capital. The broadcast is entirely unscripted, raw and real.

See what Dennis had to say and view the video after the jump!

Dennis said:

I was interviewing all of the Mayoral candidates for my website when I first met Siobhan, yet straight away we clicked. Right now young people are facing a whole load of discriminations and I see Siobhan going through the same thing. It’s crazy. While she tries to give us young people a voice, her own voice is being stripped away. I hope from this we can get to that Obama moment in this election and get Siobhan into office!

A prominent figure in the Brixton community and former ambassador of the Spirit of London Awards, Dennis understands the power of social media and has seen his social enterprise E2E go from strength to strength. Now he has managed to bring together the different strands of youth enterprise to help give Siobhan a voice.

Siobhan said:

“I couldn’t be more thankful to Dennis and to everyone at Endz2Endz. When I meet young people like Dennis, who has gone through so much at such a young age, it shows what passion and enthusiasm is out there. I get really angry when I hear politicians talk down our young people. Right from the start of my campaign, I’ve put young people at its heart. I’m the only candidate to have a manifesto on youth and education. I’ve pledged to appoint a Young Mayor, paid for out of my own salary. I want to give young people a stake in the future of London.”

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