YouTube Rewind 2012

Published On 18 December, 2012 | By Ja'e | Videos
Google reveals its annual Youtube Rewind for 2012.

YouTube Rewind 2012

As the year draws to an end the blogsphere is wrapping up with their year-in-review posts. YouTube has jumped onto the annual game with YouTube Rewind – a channel devoted to the top trending videos of the year across multiple categories. YouTube writes:

This year, Korean Pop music transcended boundaries and took the world by storm. Cover songs, parodies, and “do-it-yourself” music videos from all genres entertained us in countries near and far. And you participated in conversations at a global scale, uploading videos to share ideas on everything from nonprofit campaigns, to political satire, to new and surprising voices and talents. Plus, all over the world, you tuned in for the most up-to-date news footage of presidential elections, natural disasters and more.

To help us relive the videos YouTube invited some of its stars to shoot this video below including the likes of Psy, Iman Crosson aka AlphaCat, Walk off the Earth, FeliciaDay and Annoying Orange! Can you name all the YouTube stars in the video? Watch the Peter Furia directed clip below.

Relive the videos, people and events that defined YouTube in 2012 below.

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